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ITF Global Services utilizes its wide range of IT experience in automobile industry through analyzing and reporting. To cater the needs of automobile industry we offer -

    Automobile Arbitration Writing Services
    WEB Discovery Services
    Document Summary Preparation
    Static Document Coding / Form Entry

Automobile Arbitration Writing Services

Arbitration is a legal technique for the resolution of disputes outside the courts, wherein the parties to a dispute refer it to one or more persons namely the Arbitrators or Arbitral tribunal by whose decision they agree to be bound.

ITF Global Services has a consistent track record of offering databases with the very best quality in a timely manner. Such an approach is universal from the simple general document coding to the largest and complex litigation coding projects. The flexibility of the company in terms of delivering customized solutions interest clients who have complex requirements.


Core Objective

We support our clients to file their arbitration on automobile subrogation in Arbitration Forum, Inc., which is designed to resolve inter-company subrogation disputes amongst insurers, self-insured and large retention commercial insured involving automobile physical damage not in excess of $100,000 unless agreed upon by all parties. The core objective of the project is to fill out the A-Form of the Arbitration Forum and prepare contentions, compile evidence and draft out the scene diagrams.

Contentions Preparation

The Contentions sheet normally has a brief summary of the location of the collision, climatic conditions during the collision, nature and cause of the collision. This nature and cause is supported by violation of the respective Vehicle Code Section of the state where the collision occurred in support of our client.

Evidence Compilation

The Contentions are further supported by the evidences related to the collision, which includes the vehicle damage estimate prepared by an authorized body shop and its respective proofs of payment, photographs of the vehicles and other evidences in support of the client's stand in the collision.

Drafting Scene Diagram

The Scene Diagram is drafted out with the description of the accident and with the further support from the Google Earth for the visual representation of the exact location of the accident.

At ITF Global Services, our personnel have a thorough knowledge of the vehicle code sections followed in various States, working methodologies of the Insurance carriers and sharp analytical & abstracting capabilities. The Arbitration report preparation is done with high quality and turned back within the committed time.

Related Services

Competitor Analysis

The companies, which are well informed of their market and competitors, can formulate effective strategies to capture or retain intended market share.

Industry Requirements

Examining the market, analyzing its key trends and drivers and evaluating the competitive landscape for companies currently competing in, partnering in, or entering the market can help companies update their strategies and let them stay current.

List of Prospects

This kind of a search can help companies know their prospective buyer, their demography and contact details.


The above-mentioned information can benefit startup companies to effectively reach out to their prospective markets.

Document Summary Preparation

The services offered by ITF Global Services is not limited to working with databases. The team at ITF Global Services has an extensive experience in abstracting information from lengthy articles / reports etc and in providing a brief summary of same.

Data overload combined with the pressure to make faster and smarter decisions tend s to overwhelm decision-making teams. Data management and visualization can help you maximize the value of your data. You may find some common issues confronted by data management teams and essential solutions to disentangle them.